Yoh Temp Pic
Kanji Name
Katakana Name ヨウ
Romaji Name Yoh
Voice Actor 柏崎亮太(Ryota Kashiwazaki)

Yoh is a character in 1bitheart. He is introduced in the bonus chapter, and happened to be a culprit.

 Appearance Edit

Blonde, medium length hair tied into a twirled ponytail. Green eyes with a small chef hat? Wears an orange uniform with a brown tie and white apron. Has a knife as a good luck charm.

Personality Edit

See Mikan Tsumiki, but more jittery.

Background Edit

His background leading up to the incident he caused is unknown, but he has stated that he had a friend who was traumatized by an interview conducted by the victim in the bonus story. This gave Yoh a reason for murder.

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