This is a page the admins have made and worked on together, thus normal users cannot edit it.

There are also policies that apply to every wiki as well that can be viewed here at Central Wikia.

1bitheart Wiki Admins

Usernames +Nicknames Status Positions About Us

JinzouShinzou (old) Sakasaki/Natsu

Semi-Active Admin, Bureaucrat, Moderator, Sysop, Rollback Hello! I'm the main admin, I guess?! I love all of the characters a whole lot! My favourites would have to be Sora, and Enri!
Kiruzawa/Eri Semi-Active Admin, Moderator, Sysop, Rollback Hi~! I think my 1st contribution to the 1bH fandom was a few drawings? I like all of the characters, but my most favorites are Kirai, Izuchi, and Kotora.
Koriente/Kuma Inactive Admin, Moderator, Sysop, Rollback G'day! I'm a big fan of Miwashiba's works and I love all of the characters thus far, but my favourites are probably Yuuto, Kirai, Mikado and Rocca
Ordinaire/Hani Inactive Admin, Moderator, Sysop, Rollback Hello, I'm Hani and I really like Sekiyu, Mary, and Meu. I mostly run around doing small fact changes and quality of life changes.

Inactive 1bitheart Wiki Admins

Usernames Status Positions


Inactive Admin, Bureaucrat, Moderator, Sysop, Rollback

Note: The admins are more or less not very active anymore. Some admins will come on from time to time. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience.


General Rules

  • Please do not spam or vandalize the pages.
  • Don't try to change the wiki and make it look however you want. As you can see, almost all the admins are active and will remove your edits.
  • Please do not add non-canonical information to any articles of the wiki, in case of this, one of the admins will approach you and the edit will simply be rolled-back.
  •  A page should only be linked once per article, for instance the first mention of Mikado would be linked whilst the second mention would not. Exceptions might be made, but it depends.
  •  When editing the main page, please use Classic Editor as the coding can easily be messed up in the Source Editor.


  • Respect people's ships. If someone ships a character with another character,(e.g. Miumi x Natsukage) and you dislike that, just don't say anything about it.
  • Don't post comments that have no relation to what the page is about.
  • Please take a look at the forums before you comment. If what you want to say has any relation with any of the forums, make a thread and post what you want to say there.
  • If you have questions that needs to be answered, you can go to the forums and ask, or just ask on one of the admins talk page. Or if it's related to one of the pages on the wiki, then comment there.
  • Take a look at when the comment was posted before replying. If it's really old, (e.g. March 10th, 2015) don't bother replying to it. If it was just a few days ago, you can reply.
  • Comments with vulgar language, offensive meaning, sexual meaning or racist remarks are not allowed. Depending on how bad it is, the user could have a ban for a very long time.
  • It is fine to dislike a character, but don't comment something like "Nanashi sucks. He should go die." You need to think about what will happen after you comment something like that. Obviously no one's gonna ignore that.
  • If someone doesn't like a character that you like and they comment about it, just don't say anything about it. Everyone has different opinions. An example is the admins' different favorite characters.

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