Sunset Hill Sign


The second area of the game. It is accessible in Chapter 1. It is described as still having the traditional feeling/atmosphere of Japan.

Areas Edit

Nemochi Shop Edit

A shop owned and ran by the old lady Yasune.

Inari Drugstore Edit

A drugstore owned and ran by Shitara.

Komainu Shrine Edit

A shrine where Hakuhi works as a shrine maiden.

Mamedanuki Station Edit

A police station where Takamiya works at.

Twilight Lane Sign

Twilight Lane Edit

An extension of Sunset Hill. You can go here by going past Mamedanuki Station.

Areas Edit

Fuuraijin Edit

A ramen shop owned and ran by Shiren.

Twilight Park Edit

A park in Twilight Lane. Shiroro and Kuroku can be found here playing.

Mitsukuni Books Edit

A library where Kaori works as a librarian.

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