Yukisuzu Saaya
Kanji Name 雪鈴 彩
Katakana Name ユキスズ サアヤ
Romaji Name Yukisuzu Saya
Age 14
Date of Birth March 13th
Height 156cm (5'1")
Weight 45kg (99lb)
Blood Type A
Likes Those who love her
Dislikes Those who hurt her
Voice Actor コトイチ(Kotoichi)

Saaya is a possible friend in 1bitheart. She is introduced in Chapter 4.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

A somewhat sick girl.

Seeking someone who will love her, she's gone through many meetings and farewells. Very dependent, she wants things all to herself.

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Relationships Edit

Nanashi Edit

Nanashi and her dated for a short while. After Izuchi linked Nanashi's memories to her, she started worshipping Nanashi as a god.

Quotes Edit

  • "I am... Saaya. Er... Would you... love me...?"-Saaya, when introduced.
  • "Even if you come to hate me... I will love you still. For all eternity... Heehee..." - Saaya when befriended.