Myoujou Meru
Kanji Name 明星 鳴
Katakana Name ミョウジョウ メル
Romaji Name Myoujou Meru
Age 24
Date of Birth December 11th
Height 162cm (5'4")
Weight 52kg (115lb)
Blood Type O
Likes Comfortable sleep
Dislikes Forcibly being woken
Voice Actor 大宮 水那瀬(Minase Omiyami)

Meru is a possible friend in 1bitheart. She is introduced in Chapter 4. A woman working at an accessory shop.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Always sleepy. Even falls asleep during conversations.

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Fwah... Mmm... I go by Meru. Pleased to... make your... mmh." - Meru when introduced.
  • "Finally over, is it... fwah... Well, let me take a... nap... pardon... me... zzz." - Meru when befriended.

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