Seno Mary

Tummy Tummy Ache

Kanji Name 瀬乃 愛
Katakana Name セノ メアリー
Romaji Name Seno Meari
Age 17
Date of Birth September 8th
Height 152cm (5')
Weight 43kg (95lb)
Blood Type AB
Likes Normal things
Dislikes Lack of sleep
Voice Actor 青柳るう(Ru Aoyagi)

Mary is a possible friend in 1bitheart. She is introduced in Chapter 4. She is an idol.

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  • Her stage name "Tummy Tummy Ache" is a allusion to the real life singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

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  • “Be wary on the streets, be Mary if you’re me. My other name’s Tummy Tummy Ache. My tummy aches. I’m Mary.”-Mary, when being introduced.
  • "Such things do not matter to me." -Mary when told by Nanashi that her dress would get stained at the beach.
  • "Now I and Nanashi are friends, I see. Let's get along well. I'm Mary." - Mary when befriended.