'Ello! What do you guys think we should do with the Nanashi and Mikado pages? Should we combine the pages together? I was thinking it could be like:


Nanashi is quite short, at 156 cm. He has white hair and pink eyes. He wears a white jacket which is pink on the inside and a strange bitphone, which he designed himself. It is revealed in Chapter 2 that the attire he always wears under his parka is his school uniform, simply because he had nothing else to wear. He also wears blue socks and white boots with pink lining. He has a star on the right side of his face, below his eye.  

As Mikado, he is shown to have light green hair. His bangs cover his right eye, which is also pink, like Nanashi's. Numbers written in red ink cover most of his body. He wears a white shirt and a dark blue coat with light green lining over it. He wears a striped belt and dark blue pants and shoes. Draped over his shoulders is a long jacket that is blue and gradients to a lighter shade.

What do you think?